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The Andanuth

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The Andanuth is the many-storied tale of the world of Aihrde, from its beginning in the depths of the Void, through the rise of the Val Eahrakun, to the age of the Young Kingdoms. There are stories here, great and small, finished but yet undone.

A saga like few others it brings the reader on a journey of epic wonder. Told in seven orations, this collection of tales renders the world complete in all its manifold forms, from the evil to the sublime, from the noble to the mad. Rich in depth and mythology, a whole world s history unfolds.

Andanuth is an ancient word that, when rendered, translates into the "debt of life." But its true meaning is deeper, for the debt of life is the story of life, from the utmost beginning to the end that few may see. So this then is the Andanuth of the world of Aihrde, the story of that world.

"The All Father saw the Void as a place unrelenting, and he cast out upon it. A great wind rose about him and this was his second thought and he governed it, so that it stood like a vessel upon the Void, wide and open and from it all his thoughts flowed as a river into the Void..."

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